Monday, November 29, 2010

Why I love Goodwill

So I went to Goodwill today. I got 2 mens tshirts. One fit me and says Yellowstone park. The other is a large and I was able to cut it up and sew it together by hand to fit me. It's an old 80s t that says trans am and has the pheonix on it. Or firey chicken whatever it is. I got a pair of grey jeans which I've been wanting. I also got a white studded belt, has no studs missing and works totally fine (the cool belts are usually messed up). Ok now it's price is right people how much did I have to pay to leave the store with that stuff. Dun dun dun! $11. Hell yeah, kick ass christmas present for myself. I told my mom it was Christmas present so she's gonna pay me back yay.

Friday, November 26, 2010


I was sketching from Lady Gaga music videos yesterday. There's Love Game, Poker face, and Alejandro. Alejandro was the best so little clothing and so much movement. Lady Gaga is my new life drawing model. I don't care if people say she can't sing her crazy costume changes and kickass videos are enough to make up for it. So I'm hoping I'll keep updating this blog like a journal instead of leaving it alone for another year. I'm afraid it could be like my livejournal account though. Every year around November I make a post on that thing. Really weird that I'm always active on my blogs around this time of year.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Well a lot of things have changed. Probably not anyone reading this still because I don't really update for years at a time appearently. I actually forgot I had a blog until I was recently reminded that I need to get a serious online portfolio instead of using deviantart as usual. Big changes since last year. Well looking at my old blog posts I am reminded that I have made the changes I always wanted. I have short head hugging pixie hair and I do wear a faux leather jacket because I am now vegan. I'm more and more becoming the person I've always wanted to be. I'll have to get back to this more and make some more posts. In the mean time I'll leave ya with a little doodle.